Update on Sam

People have been asking for a recent photo of Sam. So here it is. Mr. Heart of Gold. Certainly the sweetest creature to walk the earth, after my last dog, Jasmin, who was also the sweetest creature to walk the earth. Sammikins, Sam the Man, Sammy Double Whammy. Poor Sam, who needs a walk right now, but I sit here blogging about him…


Sam is learning not to climb on our bed, which is always home to several napping felines. He’s learning not to sleep on the couch, which doesn’t need anymore animal odors in it. He’s learning that my daughter is the softy in the house, that she will always give a treat, will always welcome him to sack out on her bed. He’s learning the rhythms in the house, he’s learning how to sneak cat food when no one’s looking and he’s learning not to fuck with the cats. And we are learning his signals. Since he barely barks it’s hard to know when he needs to go out. But we are all getting it.

We have a friend who is an animal trainer. And we are considering asking her to help train him, and to train us too. Since we have a bilingual household the dog gets yelled at in two languages. I’m actually thinking that training him with hand signals might be best. Then the words won’t matter so much, and the hand signal will reinforce the word. I will let you know how that goes. But for now he’s a happy dog and we feel honored to have him living with us.

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