September My Lover Wears Sweaters – by Prageeta Sharma

Here is something special for Valentine’s Day! It’s a love poem by Prageeta Sharma. It comes from her upcoming poetry collection titled Infamous Landscapes, which is due out this coming Fall.


My lover is a long saber shaped tail marked with a powerful beak
He is also the fourth largest island called “The Town.”
My lover protects soldiers by calling out their enemies’ name
with an even keel even if it makes the women cry.
My lover has scratch marks on the back of his neck
and a scratchy gray sweater that dons his lovely green eyes.
He wears his only track record on his sleeve and tracks
down visions with Freudian analysis, he says “damn you,”
when he means, get out of my way. My lover is a chocolate
hangover with three kings, a messenger and the firm holding
up his velvet cape, there, they said, there you are.

~ Prageeta Sharma

Reprinted with permission, thank you Prageeta. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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