All Kinds of Graphic Design

Well, I guess I’ve been web surfing more than usual, I’ve got some more links to share. These are all related inside my head because of the strong graphical element each of them has.

First I found Peter Callesen’s Amazing Paper-Cut Coolness. Callesen’s work is subtle and clever and amazingly detailed.

And then I found the web site for Dubai’s Palm-shaped Island. I hear that this island was created by the same company that rebuilt Cancun’s beaches. Here’s an article on the project.

And finally here’s an article about those Nifty Crop Circles that are always showing up in the English countryside. I don’t know who makes those things. But there does seem to be a certain style that they are always made with, I mean I never see crop circles with houses and cars and people in them, instead they are always made in these abstract geometric patterns. Very cool!

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