One of my cats is sick

…actually she’s been sick for a while. She’s super-fat (she’s almost 20 lbs) and is 15 years old. For years the vets told me to get down her weight before she begins to develop kidney failure and diabetes. Well, we tried the diet thing but this cat would have nothing of it. She hardly lost any weight at all but trying to keep her on her diet made the rest of us crazy.

The poor thing has been peeing way too much for years. And she drinks more water than our other 8 cats combined. But now she’s started peeing on our bed. Sometimes twice in one day. And it’s not just the bed but the pillows too. I’m afraid she’s losing control of her bladder now. And I’m getting very tired of cleaning up cat pee (though I’m good at it now). We’ll be taking her to the vet tomorrow…

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