So how come…?

So how come it seems like my blog is either me bitching about something or me glowing and waxing poetic about something? Isn’t there something in the middle there?

And how come the harder I work the more behind I feel like I get? And how come the more clients I get the less money seems to be coming in?

And how come the older I get the more complex life becomes? I’m getting so I can’t handle this exponential building up of paths not taken thing!

And how come when I go off the pill and stop eating chocolate every single day I GAIN weight? I thought it was supposed to go the other way.

And how come I can’t decide what I really want? Or where WHERE I really want it? Living outside the US means I’ve been changed in ways I can’t ever undo. I get so sick of Mexico sometimes and yet I’m afraid that I could never be happy living in the US again.

And how come I can spend, literally, 12 hours in row on my computer and not feel like I got anything done?

And how come I can feel on top of the world one day and the next day I get a massive headache and everything seems to suck?

And how come I try so hard to be an honest upstanding citizen of the world and it just doesn’t get me anywhere?

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One Response to “So how come…?”

  1. JoyceJ
    April 23rd, 2006 11:34

    “And how come when I go off the pill…”

    Think this might have something to do with it? I knew there was some sort of hidden clue in there..


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