Oh What a Night

I feel like a zombie. My internal clock is completely whacked and I can’t figure out if a nap would help or just make things worse.

Last night we attended a small, really nice party. But seeing as we both needed to work today (yes, it’s Sunday, and no, I have not taken that day off yet) we decided to cut out of the party on the early side. We got home before 9 pm, walked the dog and went to bed early.

But the next thing I knew husbandito was waking me up with incessant moaning and groaning. He was, apparently, dying; and it was my duty as his wife to somehow save him. Poor guy was a big mess. Turns out it was a bit of food poisoning. At yesterday’s party he’d eaten a hamburger and had been generous in his use of mayo (using mayo at an outdoor party here is not on my list of wise moves).

He spent several hours writhing in pain, swearing, telling me “estoy muriendo” (I’m dying) and making frequent trips to the bathroom. Finally, around 2:30 am, he was able to sleep. But by that time I was wide awake.

And so, in my sleepless state, I watched the second half of the Star Trek Generations movie. This one features Captain Kirk coming back from the dead (well back from the Nexus) to save the day. There’s little in life that I find more comforting than watching William Shatner overact. And by the end I was finally sleepy.

But at 4:22 am I was awakened by a loud BOOM followed quickly by the squealing tires of a car taking off down the street. At the same time our street’s security guard was blowing his whistle and I could hear him running and yelling. Of course we both woke up and then husbandito went out to see what was going on.

It turns out that someone had thrown a concrete block through the windshield of my next-door neighbor’s pick-up truck. At first we thought it might have been random vandalism. But now I think my neighbor was targeted deliberately. There were lots of other cars in the street to throw things at, and the other cars (including ours) were all lower to the ground than the truck. The truck is so tall that hitting its windshield took a very special effort. Why pick the toughest target?

So now I’m thinking that someone over there must have been schtupping someone they should not have been…or something. Anyway it sucks for them.

It turns out that there was a witness who saw the car leave in a big hurry (the guard was at the opposite end of the street when this began so he just saw tail lights). The veterinarian at the end of the street was performing emergency surgery on a dog when all this was going on. And the dog’s owner was hanging around outside right when the windshield smashers were tearing out of the street. So now the neighbor has a broken windshield and a good description of the car. That’s something, I guess.

Husbandito finally crawled back into bed at 5:30 am, that gave him one whole hour to sleep before getting up for work. Poor guy. I tried to get him to call in sick, but he wouldn’t do it. When he left he looked like he’d been beaten up.

I was able to sleep after he left. But I’m so off-schedule now that I feel weird, I’m even a little dizzy. Maybe I will take that nap…

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8 Responses to “Oh What a Night”

  1. Gary Denness
    May 4th, 2008 18:44

    A new comments system? I’ve thought about leaving a comment for at least a year (or so it seems) but your old system never liked my WP username for some reason. Oh well.

    Are the police in Cancun as useless as those in Mexico City? I feel that here you could give them the culprits name and address and they’d only be mildly interested. Now, if someone were to damage their favourite taco stand….that’s a different matter entirely.

    Did you ever get to listen to Shatner singing his classic ‘You’re Gonna Die’ song? 🙂

  2. RiverGirl
    May 4th, 2008 19:42

    Gary – I just backed off the security on my comments. I thought that I would get inundated with spam, but it hasn’t happened so far. Lots off people had complained about my comments being too restrictive.

    Yeah, the cops are useless here for things like this. No one even thought of calling them I don’t think. If, later on, things escalated and my neighbor wanted to sue whoever this is for harassment then it would have been good to have a police report. But at 4 am no one was thinking that way.

    Yes, I have heard Shatner singing You’re Gonna Die, love that. I have a CD somewhere of his singing. And he’s done some poetry readings that I have on CD as well. He’s so bad that he’s good. And I think he knows it.

  3. Michele in Playa
    May 6th, 2008 05:30

    Uggg. Food poisoning is the worst! My husband got it from mayo as well. He actually thought that death would be a blessed relief. I’ve been lucky so far. (Fingers crossed)

  4. RiverGirl
    May 6th, 2008 09:45

    Michele – At this point I’m not sure he did get it from the mayo, no one else got sick and the mayo has been reported to be a new bottle. But other than mayo and that hamburger he and I ate the same foods. So I don’t get it. But it sure was food poisoning, nothing else does THAT to you.

    I got food poisoning from my favorite bagel place in the States once. I was sick for 8 hours, it was pure hell.

  5. lisaloveloca
    May 6th, 2008 10:35

    Wow! That’s a lot of stuff going down in one night! Sounds like the truck owner was prolly into somethin’ no good.

    There is a Star Trek Next Generation MOVIE!!?? Shut up! Get out! NO WAY!!! I had NO idea!!

    *runs off to Blockbuster*

  6. RiverGirl
    May 6th, 2008 10:50

    Lisa – The NextGen movie came out in like 1994! It’s wicked old hun!

    The truck owner (dad) says he has no idea why anyone would target him. Husbandito suspects there’s more to it. Truck owner’s 20-ish (live-at-home of) son gave me a very guilty look when I went to look at the damage to the truck. Who knows what’s really going on.

  7. Lisa
    May 7th, 2008 23:54

    You are aware that I had to click the link to the free dictionary to see what that word meant … what a word! What a meaning for such an innocent looking word! lol

    Poor husbandito (love the name) should have left that mayo for somebodyelso. I hope he recovers soon.

    -Lisa 🙂

    P.S. Any ideas about just who might be schtupping with the neighbor? Sounds juicy lol

  8. RiverGirl
    May 8th, 2008 11:38

    Well husbandito is fine now. No idea who is schtupping who over there. Probably won’t find out. Those neighbors are so busy that I would never have expected anyone there to have time for anything untoward.

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