And an update on things local

Just a quick update. Sam is fine after being tumbled by a car. He’s had no lasting side effects. His scrapes are healing. I don’t think he has learned his lesson yet, however.

I might have a future owner for that beautiful orange tabby street cat I rescued. But I’m not sure. Meanwhile I fall more in love with her each time I chase her down and pick her up and force lovin’ on her until she purrs. And guess what? She’s getting a little fat now, I guess starving on the street makes one hungry, for life.

Real estate continues to be busy. Lots of inquiries and much to do on that front.

We are going to be offering beach front condos on a gorgeous beach just north of Playa del Carmen for under $100k usd each…we expect to be very busy with that, but we are still working on the marketing plan, so you just have to wait until we’ve got it figured out.

I’m turning down web site work right and left. I did succumb to the begging an pleading of one old, old friend and agreed to help with a small project. (He really only needs me to guide him, I don’t have to muck around in too much code.) But I’m actively turning down proper paying work so I can have some hope of finishing the work I’ve got promised now. I get tired just thinking about it.

Oh and my husband bought me a lovely sapphire ring for my upcoming 40th birthday. And lovely sucker that he is, he gave it to me EARLY! So I’ve got a beautiful rock on my finger now. I hate to sound like a vapid materialistic wench, but I honestly do feel a deep contentment when I look at that beautiful stone. It somehow symbolizes that I’ve arrived somewhere, and I can celebrate this moment forever, it has a deep meaning. I don’t know if that makes sense to others, but I’m happy with my new rock.

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