Mexican Immigration: Entry Requirements for Visitors to Mexico

Immigration requirements for entry into Mexico can change at any time and vary depending on your country of citizenship. This information is a guide for tourists who are citizens of countries that do not require a VISA to enter Mexico. Be sure check with a Mexican Consulate to verify which documents you will need to enter Mexico.

Immigration Checklist for Tourists Visiting Mexico:

  • Have your Passport ready  (be sure to check the expiration date before travel)
  • Complete the Mexican Tourist Permit Form (Forma Migratoria Multiple – FMM)
  • Enter through the Immigration checkpoint
  • Carry your FMT while in the country
  • Return your FMT when you leave

Proof of Citizenship Documents
Everyone entering Mexico must show Proof of Citizenship in the form of a valid Passport (an expired passport is not acceptable).

Complete the Mexican Tourist Permit Form – FMM
Tourists entering Mexico are required to fill out a Tourist Permit called an FMM (Forma Migratoria Multiple).  See a Sample FMM. The English version of the form has errors and is confusing, be sure to read it carefully.  An improperly completed form will delay your entry into Mexico.

  1. Fill out the form in INK, pencil is not accepted.
  2. Fill out ONLY the FRONT of the form.
  3. Do NOT write in the area on the bottom right that is labeled Official Use.
  4. Be sure to sign and date the FMM on the bottom left.

Enter through the Immigration Checkpoint
When you reach the Immigration booth, have your valid Passport ready to show the Agent. Be polite and courteous. The Agent is looking for people who are likely to stay inside the country illegally. He or she is not interested in preventing tourists from entering. The agent may ask where you plan to stay, how much money you are carrying, and what your travel plans are. He or she may also ask to see your return ticket, if you arrive by airplane.

After approving your entry into Mexico, the Immigration Agent will stamp your FMM and grant you a specified number of days to visit the country. Agents have full discretion to grant you from 1 to 180 days and do so depending on your travel plans, your country of citizenship, the origin of your trip, your appearance, and your demeanor. The best advice is to be attentive and pleasant. Remember that you are a guest.

Note:  In the majority of cases Americans and Canadian tourists are automatically given 180 days to stay in Mexico.

Carry your FMM while in Mexico
After approving your entry and stamping your FMM, the agent will give you the right-hand portion of the form to carry with you. Your FMM is your proof that you have legal permission to be in Mexico. You should carry it whenever feasible. A simple traffic stop by the police could become very unpleasant if you cannot show that you have permission to be in the country.

Return your FMM when you leave Mexico
When you leave Mexico the airline representative will ask you to surrender your FMM when you are ticketed, so don’t lose it.  If you lose your FMM you may be significantly delayed in leaving the country.

Please Note:  Mexican Immigration rules change regularly. The information provided here comes from the Mexican Immigration Service.  Please check with a Mexican Consulate to be sure of your own entry requirements.  We are committed to providing accurate information but are not responsible for mistakes in this document.

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