April 18, 2010

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Senor Frog’s


Senor Frog’s is owned by a large Mexican company called Grupo Anderson.  They have bars & restaurants all over the world, but most of their establishments are in Mexico.  We mention the name of the parent company only for this reason…..Grupo Anderson knows how to throw a great party!  Whether you are in Senor Frog’s, or Carlos’ & Charlie’s (another one of their restaurants in Cancun), or in one of their bars in another part of the world, one thing is guaranteed…You WILL have fun!

Senor Frog’s is far from fancy.  In fact, there is sawdust on the floor and the walls & ceiling are covered with funny signs.  They serve drinks in “yard” glasses, a Conga line could break out at any moment, dancing on the bar is encouraged, and the staff does their best to make sure each guest is having the time of his/her life.  Inside the club, you will also find a water slide.   (The water slide will dump you into the lagoon. Crocodiles live in the lagoon.  Consider yourself warned.)   Senor Frog’s usually closes earlier than the other nightclubs so go early because you won’t want to miss a minute of the fun. They are open all day as a restaurant, but they turn into a full-fledged bar later in the evening.  The party usually gets into full swing around 10:00PM.

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