April 18, 2010

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Coco Bongo


Coco Bongo has been mentioned on many travel shows that feature Cancun.  It is wildly popular and often has a very long line of people anxiously waiting to go inside.  Throughout the night, there  are performances by acrobats, singers, dancers, & celebrity impersonators.  The shows are entertaining, but they are usually repeated as the evening progresses.  Coco Bongo has an electric atmosphere and there is often confetti or balloons falling from the ceiling.  Between shows, there is a DJ and dancing on the bar is encouraged.

Travel note:  This club can get very crowded so arrive early to get a table.  Service can sometimes be slow here.  Tip the waiter at the beginning of the night to insure that he returns to check on you frequently.  Also, bottle service in the VIP section might be a better option, if you don’t like waiting a long time for drinks to be delivered.)

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