Weather information and forecasts for Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres, and the Riviera Maya.

Warm & Sunny All Year
Cancun and the Riviera Maya have superb tropical weather all year round. We are lucky to get well more than 200 days of full sun per year.

Worried about Rain in the Forecast?
Are you concerned that the weather forecast for your upcoming trip shows rain? See our post about Cancun Weather Reports.

Year-Round Average Temperatures for Cancun, QR, Mexico
This chart shows the average temperature by month and includes the average number of days with any rain.

Month Avg High Avg Low Warmest Coldest Wet Days
Jan. 81°F/27°C 67°F/19°C 95°F/35°C 45°F/7°C 5
Feb. 82°F/28°C 68°F/20°C 90°F/32°C 52°F/11°C 4
Mar. 84°F/29°C 71°F/22°C 91°F/33°C 52°F/11°C 3
Apr. 85°F/29°C 73°F/23°C 97°F/36°C 52°F/11°C 2
May 88°F/31°C 77°F/25°C 99°F/37°C 63°F/17°C 4
Jun. 89°F/32°C 78°F/26°C 102°F/39°C 63°F/17°C 6
Jul. 90°F/32°C 78°F/26°C 102°F/39°C 64°F/18°C 4
Aug. 90°F/32°C 77°F/25°C 100°F/38°C 64°F/18°C 4
Sept. 89°F/32°C 76°F/24°C 102°F/39°C 63°F/17°C 7
Oct. 87°F/31°C 74°F/23°C 102°F/39°C 59°F/15°C 8
Nov. 84°F/29°C 72°F/22°C 99°F/37°C 55°F/13°C 5
Dec. 82°F/28°C 69°F/21°C 88°F/31°C 52°F/11°C 6

Weather Forecasts and Maps for Cancun and the Riviera Maya
Current weather forecasts and weather maps for Cancun, Mexico and the Riviera Maya.

Rainy Season
Short rain showers are common during summer and fall months, heavy rains are more likely in June, September and October. Rain is welcome here since showers are usually short and give people a break from the high temperatures.

In an average year Cancun and the Riviera Maya see fewer than 20 days that have rainfall over 1 inch. Even during our rainy season it’s not so rainy that you can’t enjoy yourself here.

Hurricane Season
Hurricane season runs from June through November, with peak activity in September. Tourists tend to stay away during September and October, but after living here for a while we believe that those months have the very nicest weather, so long as there are no hurricanes!

In September and October the ocean is still very warm but the air cools off, making it very pleasant to partake in outdoor activities.  The best deals to Cancun can be found in the Fall.

For up-to-date tropical hurricane information visit: National Hurricane Center.