April 18, 2010

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The City


The City claims to be the largest nightclub in Latin America.  It holds nearly 5,000 people but the place is FULL during Spring Break and Summer Break.  The City hosts performances and appearances by major artists/entertainers throughout the year, although the most popular acts usually appear during Spring Break & Summer Break.  Criss Angel, Paris Hilton, 50 Cent, Fallout Boy, Florida, Paul Van Dyk, LL Cool J, & Paul Oakenfold are just a few of the celebrities that have performed or been spotted at The City.  The club has circus-type shows each evening, to entertain the masses of party-goers.

(Travel note:  Since this club is so large, it seems “dead” or empty if the main floor isn’t full of people.  If you arrive at the club early, don’t worry.  You will definitely have a great time at The City and it usually fills up around midnight. On the contrary, it can be so crowded during Spring/Summer Break that you can barely move around on the main floor.  If you hate crowds, either reserve a table in the VIP section, or avoid it altogether, during the busiest times of the year.)

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