Back in the USA

I’m here in the U.S. (in Maine) for 2 weeks. We shall see what effect it has on my state of mind. So far it’s been nice to see family. But my husband and I have some very troubling things unfolding in Mexico right now (related to his job), and it’s hard for me to not be there in case things go (more) wrong. So I’m divided, I feel I should be home in Cancun but I need this vacation. I guess what will happen will happen. And I promise to fill you all in on what I’m talking about when the crap has come unstuck from the fan…

My sister took me to a 4th of July party, it was the first time I’d celebrated that holiday in 5 years. The culture here is pretty interesting and as a result the party was full of educated, well-traveled, book-reading, left-leaning, smart people, I had a great time.

People here are suffering and complaining about the heat. Of course I’m cold. I’m walking around in a warm pile jacket that I sometimes wear in the winter in Cancun. And I have to wear socks for most of the day to keep my toes from turning blue and falling off. But apparently fans are selling out quickly here, people are pining for air conditioning, it’s hot and I’m the one who’s crazy…

My daughter is elsewhere in the state at the moment, she’s visiting her dad’s extended family at their summer house. She’ll be heading up to visit us in a few days. So I’m really looking forward to that. She and I have all kinds of plans to hang around and do nothing together. It will be good.

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4 Responses to “Back in the USA”

  1. Nancy
    July 5th, 2008 17:07

    The best kind of plans are those to hang around and do nothing. Have a good time.

  2. RiverGirl
    July 5th, 2008 17:42

    Thanks Nancy!

  3. Michele in Playa
    July 5th, 2008 19:45

    Stay warm!! I was born in Maine and raised in Upstate New York. I have plans to be there in about a week and I am packing all my “warm clothes”. I may have to buy socks! LOL

  4. Scott Bulger Photography
    July 6th, 2008 18:28

    Send me an email and let me know where you are going to be. I’m going to be in Maine this week coming up. I’d love to say “Hello”.

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