Piddling for Charity

I just finished reading 3 Cups of Tea: One Man’s Mission to Promote Peace…One School At A Time and now I’m resisting strong urges to give all my money to the Central Asia Institute so they can build more schools. It’s a truly inspiring book and it makes me want to do something effective.

Sometimes I get so pissed at myself that I didn’t join the Peace Corps when I graduated from college. It always seems like someone else is out there making a difference in the world. And me? What do I do? I give some money away here and there. I pick up a few starving cats off the street. It’s not enough. I’ve realized that I’d really like to get involved in something bigger, something that really does make a difference. I’m tired of piddling around.

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  1. heatherinparadise
    January 3rd, 2008 00:33

    Wow, seems like we’ve got a lot in common already: Zion/Winthrop Harbor (where I am actually from) and now the Peace Corps longing that I’ve had practically my entire life.

    We should really get together sometime!

  2. La Gringa Mas Bella
    January 3rd, 2008 02:04

    LMAO … not at this post. I just read a bit about running with the dog, (etc.) but I know what you mean about wanting to do something important.

    I never finished college and I’ve often felt less because I dropped out. So one day I got this big idea that I would go back … I dropped out again!

    I realized I didn’t necessarily need a degree to make it through life. I’ve worked harder though.

    A few years ago I stayed at home full time and missed the workplace. I decided that this time I would find a job to help my community. I landed a nice part time position that has led to a great many other obligations that pays peanuts, but I am a help.

    Mission accomplished? (Maybe a bit much!) I like my job but hate the politics that come along with it.

    I honestly believe that everyone goes through a period in life when we wonder about the things we’ve done, things we could’ve done, and sometimes feel as if we could’ve been more useful.

    I’ve often heard people say (lots of situations) “I wish you could see what I see”.

    We all say it to people that we care about in times of sorrow, turmoil, or uncertainty.

    I think, in you, I see a very intelligent woman who could bring a lot of education to the people of Mexico about pets, the importance of vaccinations, preventative measures to control the pet population, etc.

    I know that’s a far cry from helping children in need but it’s a worthy cause and the return would be rewarding.

    Then again, I also gain comfort in saying “thank you” and “you’re welcome”. These days … doing my part in simplicity with instant gratification works for me.

    Happy New Year Rivergirl! ’08 has to be better right?


  3. RiverGirl
    January 3rd, 2008 14:37

    Heather – Next time I make it down to Playa with any free time I’ll let you know. It would be great to meet you.

    Lisa – I’m with you, I’ve been taking comfort in simply trying have good manners too, it’s funny how it makes you feel good. And ’08 is going to be great!

  4. heatherinparadise
    January 4th, 2008 00:41

    My friends started a Pet Shelter in Playa del Carmen, the first of its kind here. If you’re interested in seeing what they are doing, check out http://www.playadelcarmenpets.com

    They have volunteer dog wash day on Saturdays and it’s so fun!

  5. JoyceJ
    January 5th, 2008 09:42

    Hey Chica – I did get your message on NYE and I have been meaning to phone but I know you are so busy! Remember too you do a lot more than most people, and you should be commended for even thinking about doing more. You are a very motivated individual, I have no doubt you will work something else in.
    Have a happy 2008 and I will call you soon!

  6. RiverGirl
    January 6th, 2008 13:13

    Heather – Thanks for the link, I will study their site. I’m working with a pet rescue group here in Cancun called RAP. I will blog about it at some point. We were there yesterday helping paint the new office. And while we were there someone dropped off 9 puppies…

    Joyce – Nice to hear from you and thanks for the pep talk.

  7. peninsulatours
    January 16th, 2008 19:22


    First of all let me congratulate you for your contributions, just to read you is allready fun!

    I would like to introduce that will to help in to my five year old son, to tell you the truth I was pretty spoilled when young, at home we had pretty much everything we coul care for, and a bit more, but my sister and I were not taught to retribute some of what we have received.

    Two years ago I was strugling with life as most other mexicans do, I was having a hard time selling beer in closed bottles behind a counter in Valladolid, I had an american client that offered asked if I would like to do something differend and offered me an oportunity, he virtually pulled me out of my hole, and helped me start what today is a small business as a tour guide.

    Even though it was expensive for him, he did not ask for any kind of warranty or contract, we shaked hands and he provided me the funds to start the business.

    After two years I just recently started paying back, but I know that I can allways help people who have not been as fortunate as my self.

    Have you seen a movie called in spanish “chain of favors”? It was something like that, not giving a little bit and turning arround, he made sure I would succeed.

    If we all did something like that, at least once in our life time, the world could really change, and the best of all is that not allways is a matter of money.

    I’m not done yet, I still have a lot ahead of me, but I have my eyes wide open, and I will try to help as much as I can.

    Thankyou for your inspiring notes!

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