Life Begins At 40

Or at 28.1.

Yes, I did have a birthday this week. And am now over 40. And the lead up to it was much more intense emotionally than anything since. So I guess I’m over it now. Actually I kinda sorta secretly think this decade might be the best yet…

We had a lovely small gathering of close friends at a new local restaurant called Iki RestoBar here in downtown Cancun. It seems to be Thai-inspired food with a lounge feel. The decor is lovely and everyone in our party enjoyed their food. But the best part was the company, thanks for coming everyone!!

And I also want to thank all the people who wrote and called and posted (and even BLOGGED) with birthday wishes, it was overwhelming, especially when you consider how very BAD I am at remembering other people’s birthdays. I’m not worthy, so don’t do that again.

A bit ago I followed a link from my dear friend Anita’s My Magic Roundabout blog and found this Life Expectancy Calculator, and I’m happy to say that the thing says that my real age is 28.1 and that I can expect to live to 86.9.

It gives me lots of credit for being happily married (mostly), for getting good sleep (mostly), for always wearing a seat belt and for all those years of being a slave to exercise.

Funny, I don’t FEEL 28.1 (or even 28.2) and don’t want to. And I don’t think I look it either, although I did get whistled at today by some creepy-looking construction workers. Ick.

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