Animal House

This is ridiculous. I don’t even want to say it. I can’t even believe it.

We found this dog, see. Well, actually, she followed us home from our run with Sam yesterday. So it’s really not OUR fault, see. We tried yelling and waving our arms impotently at her. But she just kept following.

She’s pretty. And pretty huge. She a Golden Retriever, likely pure bred, although she might have a spot of Irish Setter in her (given how dumb and how leggy she is). My guess is that she’s about 14 months old. She’s got big paws and clean sharp teeth and way too much energy. And she’s got a heart of gold.

When she started following us the construction workers nearby said that she’d been hanging around for some weeks, and that she was a street dog. But from her demeanor she seems like she must have had people before, and that she’s been lost for some time.

In this city I don’t have much hope of finding a previous owner. (And my husband is of the mind that if they lost her, with no collar and no tags, they shouldn’t get her back.)

When my sweet neighbor across the street saw the dog she immediately called and placed an ad in today’s paper saying the dog was available for adoption. And being that this is one of those dogs that people actually pay money for, we’ve had 5 or 6 calls today.

So hubby has been interrogating each of the callers. Do they live in a nice enough neighborhood (meaning: can they afford to take proper care of her)? Would they want to breed her, or would they get her spayed? Why do they want her? How big is their yard?

One caller has a 4-year old Golden already. And she says she would spay the dog immediately and only wants her for company. So she’s the top candidate on the list at this point. We don’t want to support breeding more animals when the streets of Cancun are full of street dogs.

(Every time one of my friends buys a pet I curse them under my breath, but please don’t tell them that.)

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