One Week Later – Still Standing

Even though Hurricane Dean didn’t hit us it did cause some extra drama which has been a challenge to get over. If I intend to stay in this area long-term I’m going to have to get better at handling the pre-hurricane it-could-hit-us-but-probably-won’t stress thing. As it is now I pretty much become a babbling idiota by the time it’s actually known if the hurricane in question will hit us.

And now, one week after Hurricane Dean didn’t hit us, I’ve got insomnia and am irritable and am constantly fighting headaches. Some of this is just due to it being the first week of school, and I’m not yet used to getting up early. And some of it is due to the fact that I’m behind on all my work due to all those hours of hurricane preparation. But I am recovering one day at a time.

Today some friends and I took some money and goods for donation to a Mexican charity called Caritas that is working in the areas that Hurricane Dean destroyed. Many of those affected by Dean are rural poor practicing something pretty close to subsistence farming. And the hurricane took their homes, and the contents of their homes, and their livestock. And in many cases the hurricane destroyed their crops.

So if I think that I’ve got anything to complain about then I’m full of it!

Here’s the Caritas Web Site – it’s in Spanish.

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