Hurricane Dean’s Final Approach

All I can say is: Thank God this will be over soon! I’m physically and emotionally exhausted. I wanted to blog this morning, but there were a thousand and one things that had to be done before blogging made sense.

Now that Hurricane Dean is set to hit well south of us, our biggest concern is how much rain we will get and how much the street will flood. But the house is ready. We’ve anchored the trees so they don’t blow around much, and we trimmed them so there’s less to catch the wind. We’ve installed the dams against the doors, so any flooding we get doesn’t make it into the house. We’ve put the cars up on concrete blocks so they don’t get water in, if it does flood. We’ve also got the candles out and the flashlights have been found and the batteries have been charged.

In addition to working on hurricane preparations all day I’ve been trying to keep up with the HurricaneCancun.com blog. My pal Steve started it just a few days ago, but yesterday we had more than 14,000 unique visitors, and today’s numbers are much higher (as of 2 pm we’d had over 18,000 unique visitors today). Just keeping up with the vast number of comments the blog is receiving is running all of us ragged.

The Hurricane blog has attracted some attention from the traditional press also, which is great, but also means we’ve each had to stop hurricane preparations to do phone interviews. Today I was interviewed by the BBC live on the radio, and when they called me to start the interview I was literally shoving a concrete block under the front tire of my car. Talk about multi-tasking.

Well, I’ve been thinking all day that I would blog about how much I love living a tropical place, despite hurricanes. But too be honest, right now I’m much too tired to love anything. So I’ll save that for another day.

The rumor is that Cancun is shutting the power to the city off in one hour. So I’ll sign off now and go take that much-needed shower. See you all on the other side.

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