Hurricane Dean Heading For Cancun

It looks like we’re in for another hurricane here in Cancun. Most tracking models are predicting that Hurricane Dean will hit land somewhere close to us here on the Yucatan peninsula, and when it does it will be coming in as a Category 4 or Category 5 hurricane. No fun.

We have lived here for 4 years. And in that time we have prepared our house for 3 other hurricanes, Hurricane Ivan, Hurricane Emily and (the big one) Hurricane Wilma.

Today we start preparing for Hurricane Dean. My first task will be to get some laundry done while the weather is good. We do not have a dryer, so everything needs to line-dry. And right now the sky is a perfect clear blue, so I’ll get that done straight away.

Then I’m off to the store to stock up on food and water and batteries. Oh and cat litter! We will be trying to herd all 9 cats into the house before Hurricane Dean hits, that’s a lot of cats pooping in the house, so we will need lots of cat litter.

I will be posting Hurricane Dean preparation updates here at RiverGirl and also on my friend Steve’s Hurricane Cancun web site.

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