How Do You Spell Tension?


I feel very, very confident that we will make it through whatever it is that mother nature is about to throw at us here in Cancun. The house will be fine, we will be fine, the animals will be fine. The cars will probably be fine (as long as the ficus doesn’t fall over on one of them).

But that doesn’t mean I don’t feel tense. I’m finding that I’m very wound up, and I’m having trouble concentrating on anything besides hurricane preparations.

I’ve tried all day to find anything else that would keep my attention, but my computer mouse keeps taking me back to the National Hurricane Center web site. And my brain keeps haunting me with memories of Hurricane Wilma. So all efforts to distract myself have proved fruitless.

I did get 4 loads of laundry done today though. And we’ve got more food in the house than ever before. And lots of batteries have been charged.

And the dreaded ficus has been hacked to within 2 inches of it’s life. We’re waiting until Monday, when we will know more about Hurricane Dean’s path, to decide just how much more to cut it back.

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