A Good Hair Day

I have a thing about my hair. Like it’s proof there’s a god. Or proof that I’m a goddess. Or something.

Maybe my ego is in my hair?

Still, my hair often looks like shit. This is primarily due to the following factors:

  • I don’t often care about being a goddess
  • I don’t believe it’s right to pamper my ego
  • I never blow-dry it
  • I do not color it
  • I do not put highlights in it
  • I almost never brush it when it’s wet
  • I almost never brush it when it’s dry
  • Did I say I don’t care?
  • Did I say I don’t brush it?

But occasionally it looks amazing. Once in a while it shows all its colors. Occasionally it’s beautiful. Today was one of those days.

A Good Hair Day

File under: It’s my blog so I can take stupid pictures of my hair if I want!

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