Can you say Corruption?

I just found the very cool Global Integrity web site. It’s a site which provides data about corruption in various countries around the world. Mexico, not surprisingly, gets a “weak” integrity rating, coming in at 65. Lovely. Charming. Tell me again why I want to become a Mexican citizen?

People here talk about corruption often. People discuss whether it’s origin is genetic. They discuss whether it can be blamed on the Spanish invasion almost 500 years ago (I say yes, just because it’s easy). They discuss if one can blame the Catholic Church for it. They talk about how corruption is taught in families and in schools. They talk about how to take advantage of corruption. But mostly, my friends at least, talk about how sick it makes them, how much they hate it.

But it surrounds us here and so we put up with it. 65. That’s 2 whole points better than Russia, folks. Woo hoo!

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