Girl Talk

Today I spent an hour (blowing off work) at Starbuck’s with 2 of my closest women friends. I had a Mocha Frappucino and enjoyed every one of the 14 trillion calories the thing had in it. I’ll be living on water and celery for the rest of the week.

The conversation ranged far and wide. It was a little more interesting than is normal for us; we usually talk about mundane subjects like the lack of good yogurt in Cancun, or why our men don’t ravish us more often, or peanut butter. But in this one hour we touched on many interesting subjects; you can cover a lot in a short time when you’ve got 3 people, hyped on caffeine, who all talk at once and who are so intuitive that they don’t need to finish sentences.

All three of us are moms of teenage girls, as you can tell from some of the subjects we covered. Here’s a partial list of our subjects (if you think some of this stuff is gross you should see what I left out of the list):

  • That date-rape drug that would-be rapists put in girl’s drinks
  • The fear one of us has of getting caught with sex toys when going through Customs
  • The lack of sex education in our children’s schools
  • Internet safety for teens
  • The learning curve for dealing with getting your period
  • A teen we know who’s parents think she’s a “good girl”, but who is out of control when out of their sight
  • How to talk to kids about drugs in a real way, so they won’t shut you out
  • An annoying friend who drives one of us crazy
  • The common need for a “good shag”
  • The various psychic abilities of each of us
  • Whether one of the girl’s teachers is a lecherous creep
  • Flirting
  • The messy divorce of a friend and her prominent businessman husband
  • Bananas
  • An acquaintance who caught her bed on fire when a sex toy somehow overheated
  • Mexican immigration
  • The looming death of a friend’s mom
  • Condoms
  • What one of us does on Tuesdays
  • Where one of commonly gets hickies from that husband who only rarely ravishes her

Ok, so there’s your glimpse into my world, today. Tomorrow will be another story.

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