Timeshare Resales and Timeshare Rentals

I haven’t been blogging lately because my life is one long string of xhtml, css, javascript and a seemingly endless stream of cropped photographs. In short I’m working too much, but that’s good, right? August and September are always big months for web designers, it seems like the clients come down off the summer with new ideas, on about August 15th I always get a lot of new work.

My latest release is for Condo Marketing International. This is a company which helps timeshare owners to rent and resell their timeshare units. If you are looking for a luxurious vacation, but don’t want to pay resort prices, a timeshare rental might be the way to go. The more work I do for this client the more I understand about the timeshare industry and how to find the good deals in it.

Anyway, take a look at this site. It’s got a couple of bugs in old browsers (which no one in their right mind should be using anyway), and it has a minor Mac bug but we’re releasing anyway. The bugs will be tackled later in the week, after I’ve taken care of writing some more endless strings of xhtml and css and javascript for some other clients. Enjoy!

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