Merida Take 2

I’m just back from another quick trip to Merida, Yucatan. This time I stayed in a hotel worth staying in. It’s called Hotel Medio Mundo. It is located on Calle 55 in the historic downtown area of Merida.

Hotel Medio Mundo – upstairs near the front terrace

When we checked in we were greeted with tall cold glasses of jamaica (hibiscus iced tea). The beds were quite comfortable, and our room also had a hammock in it which was big enough for two people. The hotel has very nice tiles, nice lighting and there are plants everywhere. There’s a large fountain in the atrium the sound of which you can hear from your room. There’s also a refreshing pool in the back patio area.

Pagoda and flowers on the back patio

One morning we opted to eat breakfast at the hotel and it included yogurt, breads, coffee, juice, cheese, sandwich meat and fresh (very fresh) mixed fruits including mango from the mango tree which hangs over the patio:

Beware of Falling Mangoes

Not Yet Fallen Mangoes

My only complaint about Hotel Medio Mundo is that the service was a little inconsistent. The first time we used the pool someone came right away with big thick beach towels for us to use. Not understanding that we should keep them with us we used to the towels and then left them by the pool when we went back to our room. Then the next time we used the pool no one showed up with towels, I think the assumption was that we had already been given towels to use. But that was a very minor point, and when we did get the second set of beach towels we held onto them.

My daughter liked the hotel so much that I had trouble getting her to leave and explore the wonderful city of Merida. I did manage to drag her to most of the important historical sites in the city, but she kept up a constant plea to return to the hotel so she could read in the hammock or play in the pool… Next time I take her to Merida I need to be sure to stay in a fleabag hotel that stinks, that way I’ll get her out into the city!

Check out Hotel Medio Mundo.

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  1. JoyceJ
    April 23rd, 2006 11:34






  2. RiverGirl
    April 24th, 2006 10:30

    It was a pretty special hotel. We didn’t do as much of “Merida” as last time, but we did go up that ruin to the north, Dzibilchaltun, it was great! And it has a nice cenote you can swim in, though we were toodistracted to remember our b-suits.

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