Is friendship a Mexican thing?

I know I’m too busy and I do neglect my friends but I’ve noticed since moving to Cancun that I’m better than I used to be about nurturing friendships. Is it Mexico? Is it something in the Crystal water? Is it a by-product of eating salsa 3 times a day?

I suspect that it’s a combination of things. One may be that I’m a “displaced person”, or an ex-pat, or whatever you call it. I think that us ex-pats like to stick together.

And another may be that when I moved here I didn’t focus on making friends, I focused on how to earn a living (still working on that) and on renovating my house (still working on that too). It was only after I got lonely that I started reaching out and trying to meet folks. I think that made me appreciate the people I’ve become friends with more than I might have if I’d met them more easily or sooner.

But I also think it might have something to do with Mexico itself. There’s something about Mexican time and the weather and way the air always smells a little sweet (even in the city), there’s something in the culture here that lets us all feel it’s ok to take a little extra time to talk on the phone or to linger over café con leche, or to hang out at a party.

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One Response to “Is friendship a Mexican thing?”

  1. cancuncanuck
    April 27th, 2006 15:08

    I find it interesting that I have girlfriends. Real, live girls who are friends! That NEVER happened in Canada, it was all men, all the time, gay or straight but I could never fit with “da chicks”. I am ever so happy to meet some wonderful women here that I an finally connect with.

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