My Place, Your Place

A couple of friends of mine are about to open a restaurant and bar here in Cancun. Janet and “Karaoke Joe” Cerutti are set to open “My Place” in the heart of the Cancun’s hotel zone. They are hoping to open this coming weekend.

We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek of My Place on Friday night when Joe and Janet opened for a private party. We had a great time and found the atmosphere to be laid back yet exciting. I imagine that once everything is up finished we will want to hang out there as much as possible. Here are a couple of pictures:

My Place: Looking toward the front entrance
My Place: Looking toward the front entrance

My Place: Looking toward the mural in the back area
My Place: Looking toward the mural in the back area

My husband and I have been following the progress of My Place since the beginning. Back in the late fall Joe and Janet gave us a tour of the building before they had done much work. There was a lot of work to do but Joe and Janet had pretty well thought out plans for the space. The space has many levels and many distinct areas. And they have used this to their advantage and have given each space a distinct feel by using different furniture and lights.

I apologize if I sound like an advertisement. But I have always wanted to open a restaurant myself and I am really interested in the whole process they are going through in getting this place off the ground. I can’t wait to spend an evening there after they are really open!

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4 Responses to “My Place, Your Place”

  1. JoyceJ
    April 16th, 2006 10:49

    Let’s go on June 13. K?

    Soy mucho triste y celosa por que no estoy alli… 🙁

  2. RiverGirl
    April 16th, 2006 21:19

    Pobrecita amiga…13 de junio seguro!

  3. cancuncanuck
    April 17th, 2006 07:25

    I wish I could have gone, can’t wait for the big Grand Opening! The place looks fantastic, kudos to Joe and Janet. 🙂

  4. RiverGirl
    April 17th, 2006 07:34

    CC – I wish you’d been there, you would have enjoyed it. When they’ve got it all set up right it will be great! And another cool thing is that they are not going to keep kids out. So our kids can accompany us once in a while.

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