Cancun recovers, a little at a time

Slowly but surely things are getting back to normal for us locals here in Cancun. The first couple of weeks after Hurricane Wilma were hard since not much was open and the roads were crisscrossed with downed utility poles, wires and killer potholes. But gradually the major stores have reopened, the utility poles have been replaced and life is mostly back to normal in the city, though the potholes are still here.

The hotel zone, which is the strip where the hotels and beaches are, is another story. Many hotels are still closed and a couple are even going to be torn down due to foundation damage. Long strips of the beach are just gone. And many restaurants and nightclubs are closed for repairs. One exception is the G-Spot nightclub which has just reopened in the last few days. The G-Spot is located near km 11 and has a great location perched out over the lagoon, as far as I know it’s the only nightclub in the hotel zone that is open right now.

The government here has approved a plan by some hotel owners here to rebuild around 2 miles of beach in Cancun from Punta Cancun going south. The plan includes creating an artificial dune in front of 25 or so hotels. This compliments a government-financed plan to rebuild the beach in other areas of Cancun. There’s more information in this article from the Miami Herald, Mexico Edition. I have not seen any dates associated with these plans but since the high season begins on December 15 we can expect that both will begin shortly. I have read that the government plan will take 6 to 8 months to complete.

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